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Finding and buying the right home is a significant investment and can be an extremely complicated matter. But the right professional realtor will simplify the process AND negotiate the best possible deal. Pascale Trosch, a St. Cloud resident since 1988, KNOWS the area and as a seasoned real estate professional she also KNOWS what it takes to find AND close the deal you're looking for. She will be by your side throughout the entire process, from prequalification through inspections and into the closing. If English is not your chosen language, she will also act as your translator (French, Dutch, English and Spanish) throughout the entire process. Questions? Call or email Pascale! Want to get a head start on finding that dream home? Simply fill out the provided form so Pascale can get started locating that piece of real estate for you!


Pascale Trosch, your Orlando, Kissimmee and St. Cloud real estate investment specialist, is an award-winning REALTOR® willing to go the extra mile to meet your real estate investment needs.

Originally born in Brussels (Belgium), Pascale has been a St. Cloud resident since 1988. This combination of a European background and almost two decades of American experience means you get the answers YOU need to make a sound investment. Pascale can handle several different languages (French, Dutch, English, and Spanish) and is on-the-job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! When you look for the highest quality real estate service, look to a REALTOR® like Pascale: she provides top-quality service with a competitive edge! Local experience and global expertise!

Investment opportunities and services include: income property, property management, vacant land tracts, commercial property, new home construction, builders agreements and more! Pascale's personal specialties include: big acreage tracts and income properties (long or short term). Don't see what you're want? Questions? Send an email, fill out this form (click here) or pick up the phone to get an answer!

So, what makes the ORLANDO AREA an attractive investment with growth potential?

Orlando is one of the world's premier travel destinations. More than 45-million people visit this area every year, enjoying the many attractions, beaches, and events that make Central Florida a great place to visit and live. The airport is one of the busiest in the U.S. and (within the top 25) busiest in the world! The Orlando area also offers more than 95 theme parks and attractions; more than 300 lakes, springs and rivers providing swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing options; more than 125 area golf courses located within a 45-minute drive of downtown Orlando; multiple professional sports teams; museums, theaters, year-round art exhibits; more than 39 million square feet (3.5 million square meters) of expanding retail space; and the fact that the Orlando area is one of sunny Florida's largest markets!

Orlando: Florida sales reports
Single-family, existing homes
Year Median sales price Change
Jan. 1994 $ 87,000  4%
Jan. 1995 $ 87,000  0%
Jan. 1996 $ 68,600* n/a
Jan. 1997 $ 91,200* 14%
Jan. 1998 $ 93,700  3%
Jan. 1999 $ 99,600*  6%*
Jan. 2000 $107,400  8%
Jan. 2001 $107,800  0%
Jan. 2002 $116,900  8%
Jan. 2003 $131,900 13%
Jan. 2004 $144,000  9%
Jan. 2005 $187,800 30%
Jan. 2006 $254,100 35%
Jan. 2007 $259,900  2%
Jan. 2008 $220,200 -15%
Jan. 2009 $150,500 -32%

*To confirm these figures you will need to download the following (additional) report...

1996 figures from Jan. 1997.
1997 figures from Jan. 1998.
1999 figures from Jan. 2000.

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